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Along came a spider . . .

I like spiders. Really, I do. When I find them in my yard or house, I stop to admire them and their handiwork and then leave them to their weaving and bug catching. Last week I had a couple of interesting … Continue reading

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More Fall color — in Florida

It seems that many people think that green will be all that is found in Florida during the fall, but the color is there, if you look. Here are a few more colorful bits I’ve found in my yard.

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July showers produce . . .

Since July has been quite a bit more rainy than previous months, I have enjoyed walking around my yard to see what has been growing there. CatnipThe first thing I found as I walked out of my back door was … Continue reading

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Ebb and flow

While I don’t live very near the ocean, I do notice the ebb and flow of life. I frequently see it in the garden. Sometimes it’s brimming with flowers, other times with weeds, and if it’s very cold or very … Continue reading

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What to do?

When I walked into the living room the other day I saw a flash of movement in the tree by the front door. As I sat and looked out the window, I realized it was a tiny bird. It hopped … Continue reading

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