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In Memory of Bentley

Bentley died in February. I think of him often, especially when I explore our yard. When he was healthy, Bentley would go outside with me and scout out all “points of interest”. I his honor, today I went on a … Continue reading

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. . . and then there were eight

Two of our cats, Cleo and Obie, had been staying at the vet’s off and on for the past month. Yesterday we brought them home. Obie was doing much better and ready to come home and keep her brothers in … Continue reading

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Summer scenery

This little fellow and many more like it have been frolicking in the yard. They are incredibly fast. I was delighted to capture it in a photo. The kwanso daylily in the background is one of several I planted a … Continue reading

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May flowers, etc.

The old adage “April showers bring May flowers” is usually true, but we didn’t have much rain in April. In fact, it has been rather dry here. There have been several brush fires, none close enough to see, but at … Continue reading

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