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Be careful when you throw rocks . . .

At a family get-together several years ago, I overheard my brother telling his children to “be careful when you throw rocks” as they tossed gravel from the driveway at each other. While I appreciated his attempt to rein in his … Continue reading

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The Meltdown

I have been interested in fusing glass for several years and had acquired everything necessary to try it — except the courage to face my ultimate enemy — fear of failure. The logical part of my mind understands that it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

My Aunt Margaret has led quite a life, from journalist, to army wife, to author. Yesterday she celebrated her 80th birthday with, among other things, petits fours, chocolate and steak. (My Uncle Billy is a chocolatier.) As a young journalist, … Continue reading

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What to do?

When I walked into the living room the other day I saw a flash of movement in the tree by the front door. As I sat and looked out the window, I realized it was a tiny bird. It hopped … Continue reading

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A false sense of security

As I took my morning walk today I saw a bunny. It is not uncommon to see at least one bunny when I walk, but this particular bunny caught my eye because he (she?) didn’t run as I approached. It … Continue reading

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