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Along came a spider . . .

I like spiders. Really, I do. When I find them in my yard or house, I stop to admire them and their handiwork and then leave them to their weaving and bug catching. Last week I had a couple of interesting … Continue reading

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Busy as a . . .

The other day I noticed several bumblebees on the few remaining cosmos flowers because, unlike most bees I’ve seen, these bees were not flitting from flower to flower. They were curled up on the flowers and very still. They appeared … Continue reading

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Enjoying the season

We had two very cold days (in the 30s) recently. A lot of the vegetation in the yard got rather brown and crispy after that. Bentley did his best to help me find flowers, greenery and other interesting stuff while … Continue reading

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Don’t (just) look back – look sideways

The Cafe Press anti-Valentine contest has proved to be an eye-opening experience for me. First, I was amazed at how easy it was for me to come up with ideas that reflected a cynic’s view of love. Negativity is not … Continue reading

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Square peg, round hole

I recently observed the completion of my 50th year on earth. Birthdays in general invite introspection — birthdays that end in zero, even more so. When I told Kelly that I felt like a square peg in a round hole … Continue reading

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