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Busy as a . . .

The other day I noticed several bumblebees on the few remaining cosmos flowers because, unlike most bees I’ve seen, these bees were not flitting from flower to flower. They were curled up on the flowers and very still. They appeared … Continue reading

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I was delighted to read that a recent study shows that doodling can be a valuable tool for boosting memory. When I was in college I discovered the joys of steno pads — one side for taking notes, the other … Continue reading

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July showers produce . . .

Since July has been quite a bit more rainy than previous months, I have enjoyed walking around my yard to see what has been growing there. CatnipThe first thing I found as I walked out of my back door was … Continue reading

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Ebb and flow

While I don’t live very near the ocean, I do notice the ebb and flow of life. I frequently see it in the garden. Sometimes it’s brimming with flowers, other times with weeds, and if it’s very cold or very … Continue reading

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The hitchhiker

As I turned off the main road on to my street a flash of color caught my eye. It was a butterfly making its way across the street. I carefully moved to the right side of my lane to avoid … Continue reading

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