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Is change good or bad? Yes. The choice is yours. Diane Mashia says: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, God calls a butterfly! How do you find the butterfly moments of your changing life? Since change is … Continue reading

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Taking steps . . . or not

Have you ever found yourself sailing through a project only to suddenly find yourself flummoxed by the next step you need to take? There are times when I’m happily progressing toward a goal and suddenly happen upon something that, for … Continue reading

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How do I want to spend my time?

If I could spend all of my time doing anything I wanted to do, what would I do? Good question. What do I do with the “free” time I have now? I may not have 24/7 to myself, but I … Continue reading

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As I understand it, the essence of carving an object out of wood, marble, stone, etc. is to cut away the parts you don’t need to create the object you want. I’m trying to do that with my life — … Continue reading

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Tiny steps

Why do I have to continually fight the notion that progress is made only with giant steps? Most failure sneaks up in barely noticeable increments: Just one more bite of dessert. . . Too much to do this morning; I’ll … Continue reading

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