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Put down the mouse and step away from the computer

I am stuck – held captive by the doldrums of indecision, the lethargy of apathy, the blue funk of the blahs. It’s not that I’m bored or looking for something to do. To the contrary, I have more “to-dos” than … Continue reading

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I was delighted to read that a recent study shows that doodling can be a valuable tool for boosting memory. When I was in college I discovered the joys of steno pads — one side for taking notes, the other … Continue reading

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Enjoying the season

We had two very cold days (in the 30s) recently. A lot of the vegetation in the yard got rather brown and crispy after that. Bentley did his best to help me find flowers, greenery and other interesting stuff while … Continue reading

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Surf the change

While Forest Gump may have thought life is like a box of chocolates, I think it is more like the ocean: * the currents are constantly changing * there are many different levels of activity * you can only see … Continue reading

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Ebb and flow

While I don’t live very near the ocean, I do notice the ebb and flow of life. I frequently see it in the garden. Sometimes it’s brimming with flowers, other times with weeds, and if it’s very cold or very … Continue reading

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