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In Memory of Bentley

Bentley died in February. I think of him often, especially when I explore our yard. When he was healthy, Bentley would go outside with me and scout out all “points of interest”. I his honor, today I went on a … Continue reading

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How to amuse a cat

There are shelves on our back porch. We use them to store . . . cats. Our cats love to run and climb and nap on the shelves. Since TK is much younger and more active than the other cats, … Continue reading

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Double the fun

Several weeks ago while QB was taking me for a walk, I stopped to look at the horsemint in the flower bed. When I looked up, QB was gazing intently at a spot on the other side of the fence. … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Spring

Spring is definitely here. Tomatoes are planted . . . butterflies are in the yard . . . and Bentley is adamant that it is time to go outside – NOW! I hate to deprive him of time outside, but … Continue reading

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Walking the cat

All of our cats live in the house, but Bentley, the tuxedo cat, likes to venture outside at least once a day. He joins me on my morning walk, and I usually accompany him on an evening walk. In general … Continue reading

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