Along came a spider . . .

I like spiders. Really, I do. When I find them in my yard or house, I stop to admire them and their handiwork and then leave them to their weaving and bug catching.

Last week I had a couple of interesting encounters with a spider.

The first time we met was on Tuesday morning. While driving to work, I glanced to my left before turning onto a major street and found myself face to face with a spider. Not exactly what I was expecting, but not a terrifying “Arachnophobia” event either.

The spider must have spent the evening spinning a web from the top to the bottom of the driver’s side rear view mirror. Now the spider and its web were floating past my open window. I planned to deposit the spider in a safe location as soon as I could make my way out of the flow of traffic. When the time came, she had disappeared, never to be seen again, or so I thought.

As I drove to work on Wednesday morning, the spider came to mind and I wondered where she and her new web were. After arriving at work, I turned toward the back seat to grab my tote bag and discovered where she had spent the night. There was a beautiful web neatly spun between the headrests of the seats!

Since I did not want to leave her to roast in Florida heat, I gently picked up her and her web and deposited them on a nearby shrub in the shade of an oak tree. I’m hoping she lives happily ever after.

So, what did I learn from this spider?

Spiders have been long admired for their tenacity, skill and beautiful creations, and this spider certainly fit those descriptions. She was tenacious and skillful and produced beautiful work, but she was in a poor location. I like my Element a lot, but it’s not a good spot for a spider to build a web. The spider and web will be subjected to very high winds and extreme temperatures, and when the windows are closed (most of the time), bugs
are scarce.

How many times have I tried to utilize perfectly good skills and talents in the wrong location? Do I want to be like the itsy bitsy spider, constantly rebuilding my perfectly lovely web because it’s not where it really belongs, or do I want to position myself where my efforts are amply rewarded?

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

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  1. Yay! It’s beautiful – with pictures and links too. Lovely story too.

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